Five Takes from the Republican National Convention

gop-elephantObservations from the RNC:

1. The First Lady speech. Sure, it was uncouth to lift statements from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. Especially when you are vilifying the Democrats. It probably says something about the Trump campaign that a speechwriter blatantly plagiarized in certain sections. But why should this dominate the news coverage for the first day of a convention? Largely overlooked in the microanalysis and mockery was the NeverTrump delegation protest, the super far right platform on social issues, and the actual content of the other speeches. Can’t wait for analysis of the First Man speech next week.

2. Vote your conscience! When Ted Cruz spoke this line instead of endorsing Trump, everyone booed. Many commentators remarked how the phrase shouldn’t have bothered Trump supporters, whose conscience (you would hope) already  leans Trump. But the phrase was a clear nod to the NeverTrump delegation’s protest Monday night, when they demanded an opportunity to nominate someone else. They asked for a “conscience clause” to vote against Trump. Either way, when Vote your Conscience! becomes a rallying cry against your candidate, it says something.

3. Speaking of conscience, it still irks me to no end that Republicans continue to placate the Trumpster. He does not represent your party’s goals. He has no loyalty. The whole “pledge to support the eventual nominee” thing started because they knew Trump wouldn’t, if he lost. Besides party loyalty, we’re dealing with a deranged individual. Wisconsin Governor and former presidential candidate Scott Walker, in his endorsement speech, said he wouldn’t trust Clinton with his cell phone password. He apparently has no problem with Trump’s finger on the nuclear trigger.

4. Ted Cruz don’t know hoops. During a campaign speech in Indiana, the birthplace of basketball, he stood in a gymnasium and referred to the “basketball ring” which anyone who has ever watched or played basketball knows is called a “hoop” or “rim” or the “bucket” or the “rack.” Trump had already clinched the basketball realm, anyways, with the endorsement of Indiana coaching legend and fellow hothead Bobby Knight. Unphased, Cruz decided to begin his speech, in Cleveland, with a LeBron James analogy. To me, this was more shameless than the primetime snub of the nominee.

5. Everyone saw Trump’s constrained speech. (Constrained as in “used a telepromter.” Not constrained as in “doesn’t scream about hell breaking lose for 70 minutes.”) Many people missed the press conference. Friday morning he unleashed, reviewing all the ugly details of his feud with Cruz. Petty to the max. Manipulative, as always. Incapable of forming a complete sentence. After the diatribe, he invited his social media guy to the podium, who bragged about their millions of Twitter followers. The whole thing would be downright hilarious if it wasn’t so truly frightening.

Reflecting on the Doomsday rhetoric, President Obama said Friday: “I think most people woke up and the birds were singing and the sun was out.”

Right now there are nine countries holding over 15,000 combined nuclear warheads. I hope that, waking up in 2020, we can be saying the same thing the current president did.


Author: Billy

High school teacher and blogger.

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