Time for Real Talk in Politics

we the peopleTrump supporters speak glowingly of their  candidate, who “tells it like it is.” He speaks his mind. People are frustrated with politispeak. The same plain-speaking qualities were attributed to Bernie Sanders, who called out Clinton for her cronyism, even though he didn’t want to talk about her “damn emails.”

As Republican leaders hem and haw over lukewarm positions on Trump, they demonstrate this frustration. As Clinton hems and haws about her emails, she demonstrates this frustration.

Some of the most firm GOP resistance to Trump fails to deliver real talk. Ohio governor John Kasich, one of the last Republican presidential candidates standing, has failed to flat out reject Trump. He admitted, in a recent interview with CNN, that voters in his state are frustrated and may vote for Trump. But instead of being real with these voters, telling them that, despite their frustrations, Trump should not be president– he hems and haws.

Instead of trying to redirect the support for Trump, GOP leaders are trying to wait it out. Hopefully it blows over, and we can get back to business.

If you remember, they tried the appeasement strategy in the primaries.

How about being a leader? Your party has been taken over by a radical outsider. He has duped everyone. Try to get it back. “Don’t vote for Trump. Here’s what we can do.”

If you remember, most Republicans voted for someone else in the primaries.

In a press conference last week, Arizona Senator John McCain (R), who is up for re-election, was asked what he thought about Trump possibly controlling the nuclear arsenal. His response was that, well, voters get to decide who’s president, and whoever the people of America want, that’s what will happen.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (R), who is not up for re-election, remains in the Kasich camp. Not endorsing Trump. Still undecided. Not sure. Waiting to see if Trump will change.

News Flash:

  1. Trump launched his campaign over a year ago calling Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers.
  2. Also a year ago, Trump ridiculed McCain for getting captured in Vietnam.
  3. Trump has advocated for torture, and for killing the families of terrorists.
  4. He wants to start a trade war with China and bully Mexico into paying for a border wall.
  5. He has advocated deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants.
  6. He has advocated banning an entire religion from entering the country.
  7. He has encouraged foreign countries to commit espionage on the U.S.
  8. He has advocated for nuclear proliferation, so countries can “take care of themselves.”
  9. He praises Russian dictator Putin for his strong leadership, while mocking American leaders and calling our military pathetic.
  10. He attacked a federal judge and disparaged his Mexican heritage, because of an unfavorable ruling.
  11. He attacked a grieving mother and insulted her Muslim heritage, because her husband questioned Trump’s fitness for office and asked if he had ever read the Constitution.
  12. Trump has shown shocking ignorance of the Constitution and of the very basic knowledge of world events or government functions. He thought that judges signed bills. He didn’t know what the nuclear triad was. He didn’t know that Russia annexed Crimea. He didn’t know that Scotland wanted to remain in the European Union, even though he flew across the country, on the day after the Brexit vote, to give a speech in Scotland. A month before the historic vote, he did not even know what “Brexit” meant.
  13. He is already claiming the election to be rigged, and will undoubtedly try to bring the ship of American down with him if he loses.

His daily behavior and words would earn him time-out in any first grade class in America. He is a well-documented pathological liar. He snaps at personal criticism, no matter how slight. He is a walking caricature.

Let’s be real.

Some Trump supporters can’t be swayed. As Trump has said, he could stand on a street corner in New York and shoot someone and still not lose support.

And so what– we’re going to pander to these people? We’re willing to hand over the keys to the Oval Office to this freakshow, hoping he lowers taxes?

Let’s be real.

Others will vote for Trump as a vote against Clinton, because people they respect are making this permissible.

Well, as Republican Senator Lindsay Graham put it, “there’ll come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of Hillary.”

That time is now. The polls are tipping strongly in favor of Clinton, and more Republicans are staking their protest, predicting the fall. History will remember who stood on the sidelines.


If they truly can’t stomach Clinton, Republicans can save face and support Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who served as a two-term Republican Governor in New Mexico. His running mate Bill Weld is a former two-term Republican Governor of Massachusetts.

So you want lower taxes and a smaller government? There you go. You want someone who would appoint a disciplined jurist to the Supreme Court? There you go. You want someone who would repeal Obamacare? There you go.

Yes, you have to compromise on social issues, if you lean that way. Johnson supports legalizing marijuana, he is pro-choice, and he supports gay marriage. Weighing this compromise against an unpredictable buffoon  who doesn’t care about social issues anyways, I think that’s reasonable.

Gary Johnson is looking to get into the presidential debates. He will be on the ballot in all 50 states. He has already received one endorsement from a Republican congressman.

The most refreshing thing about Gary Johnson is that he is real. He tells it like it is. He speaks his mind, and what comes out is actually humane.

On a CNN town hall last week, host Anderson Cooper was taken aback when Johnson gave the following response to a Bernie Sanders supporter:

“That crony capitalism is alive and well, but from an economic standpoint here’s my hypothesis, and I might be wrong: If Bernie supporters are really looking for income equality, I don’t think that is something that government can accomplish.”

He didn’t pander. He went on to speak to what the government actually could accomplish: equal opportunity.

Cooper asked him about his humility, saying it’s rare to hear a politician say “maybe I’m wrong but this is what I think.”

Johnson responded:

“Well if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. That has been a creed of mine forever. In that vein, if you tell the truth, that means you’ll admit mistakes and make plenty of mistakes. But how often is a mistake worse just because of the denial of the mistake and there’s no quicker way to get after fixing something than first acknowledging it.”

How refreshing. How appropriate to this conversation.


We are not electing the King of the World, but president of a country founded on balance of powers, individual freedom, and equality under the law.

We fought a revolution to live under these principles. Since our founding we have debated, fought, and sacrificed to define and preserve these principles.

There is a woman running for president who may be corrupt and deceptive. There is a man running for president who defiles everything we stand for as a country.

It’s time for our leaders to defend our national identity, not play evasion games.


Author: Billy

High school teacher and blogger.

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