State of the Race

sunsetWith polls close in the Presidential Race of 2016, and with the media wheels spinning the outcome of the first debate, a moment to reflect.

I will admit to feeling a certain despondency of late. The race is draining my hope in humanity. At least, it’s been a practice in emotional detachment.

But reality is never far away.

And as I sat here trying to formulate my thoughts, my frustration grew…so instead, I deleted a few hundred words musing on the candidates, and decided on something different.

The sun rose and set yesterday, and for this I am grateful. There was plenty of oxygen to breathe. I ate three meals, and some snacks in between.

I decided to go for a swim after work at the neighborhood YMCA. I am grateful to live next to a gym, and grateful for physical health to be able to swim. I am grateful for the means to afford access to such a nice facility.

On the walk home from the gym, the setting sun lit up the clouds. The weather is cooling the desert air just a bit. Just enough to notice and appreciate the changing of the seasons.

When I returned, clean water flowed from my faucets.

Not everyone in my community can brag of these niceties. As a matter of fact, on my walk to and from the gym, I passed several homeless members of my community.

These individuals cannot brag of running water and three squares per day. Sometimes I drive past them on my way to work, listening to NPR, pondering the presidential race.

The other day a homeless person in New Jersey found one of those bombs in a dumpster. He found it in a backpack, took it to a safe place, and called the police.

He was hailed a hero. Got written up in stories for the newspaper. Someone wanted to honor this hero and started an online donation page. Within a week, the man had an apartment and job interviews lined up.

The man turned from a nobody to a somebody.

Maybe we are all, already somebody. Maybe we are all deserving of a place to live. Maybe we are all worthy of recognition.

Maybe the “big-picture” is not what it seems to be. Maybe life is not a race or a competition. Maybe life is a lot simpler than what it sounds like on the news.

In any case, life goes on.


Author: Billy

High school teacher and blogger.

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