A Litany of Thanks

I’m thankful I didn’t grow up in this technological era of smartphones and social media.

I’m thankful for my English teachers in high school, who instilled the foundations of good writing long before I cared about writing.

I’m thankful for my parents always showing me love, especially during the times I’ve felt unworthy of love.

I’m thankful for three square meals a day.

I’m thankful for running water coming out of my faucets.

I’m thankful for the game of basketball, which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but which has become sort of a symbolic spiritual presence in my life.

I’m thankful for my wife’s incredible family, who have welcomed me as family since the the day I showed up. You should have seen them mobilize with military efficiency to prepare for us a beautiful wedding venue.

I’m thankful for my brothers. We are totally different and yet kinda similar.

I’m thankful for Wendy’s (and now, our) dog Copper, for being awesome.

I’m thankful for my students, who, by not tolerating boring shit, have challenged me to become a better teacher.

I’m thankful for my friends, for supporting me unconditionally when I needed it, and also for being real with me when I needed it.

I’m thankful that, despite the best efforts of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, books are still being published and read.

I’m thankful for cool fall mornings bringing respite from the Arizona heat.

I’m thankful for musicians, artists, writers, athletes, and actors, who make life more enjoyable through their talents.

I’m thankful for libraries.

I’m thankful for the honest, hardworking, respectful men I have known growing up who I’ve been able to look up to as role models.

I’m thankful for the financial freedom I’ve had so far in my life, which has allowed me to travel different places and pursue different interests.

I’m thankful for fall break, winter break, spring break, summer break. The time off lets me live in coffee shops and pretend to be a professional writer. By the time I’m sick of hanging out alone in coffee shops, school’s ready to start. By the time I’m sick of school, another break is on the horizon.

I’m thankful for you, dear reader of this blog.

And finally, I’m thankful for the start of a journey in marriage. Life’s never easy, but with a shared humor and a radical openness to the unknown, I feel #blessed to have her by my side.


Author: Billy

High school teacher and blogger.

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