Podcast Episode: Who’s to Blame for the Shutdown?

Apologies to my email subscribers for the broken link last week. I had been writing a post about Trump’s buffoonery, and how it has not only infected most of the Republican party, but has also caused a downward spiral in our national discourse.

What started out as a measured, reflective piece turned into an emotional diatribe after the government shut down over DACA. Trump’s buffoonery was no longer an analytical matter for me — it was a direct obstacle preventing a policy I care deeply about, and it unleashed some ugly nativist rhetoric and manipulative arguments.

Needless to say, I deleted the post after calming down a bit. Emotional diatribes have their time and place — and perhaps now is the time — but my anger threw me off the original point of the blog post, and left me dissatisfied with the final product.

Linked (and streaming) below is the podcast we recorded this week. In the second half of the episode, you can listen to me explain my views on the Trump situation as it relates to DACA and the shutdown. In the first half, my dad explains why the Senate filibuster rule may be the true culprit of congressional dysfunction.


Author: Billy

High school teacher and blogger.

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