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Goodbye Invest in Ed: What’s next?

The Arizona Supreme Court decided to kick Invest in Ed off the ballot. Was the decision justified? What will be the effect on the November elections? What’s next for education funding in Arizona?

Arizona Primaries: Who’s up, who’s down?

Analysis of the Arizona primary races for Governor and U.S. Senate. Will the Democrats’ early attacks against Martha McSally pay off? Will courting the Trump vote end up hurting the Republican Senate nominee in the general? Is David Garcia making too many mistakes to survive?

Protecting Public Education with Save Our Schools

Beth Lewis and Dawn Penich-Thacker of the education group Save Our Schools join the podcast to talk about their efforts to defeat the expansion of vouchers in Arizona. Thanks to their referendum campaign, the voucher expansion law will be on the ballot this November as Prop. 305.

Clean Elections with Tom Collins

Tom Collins is the executive director of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission in Arizona. We talk about the legal functions of the commission, the rationale behind its existence, and the current effort to limit its independence. At the end of the podcast, we debate the legacy of LeBron James.