Hot off the Presses

Dear Readers,

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce the publication of an e-book. This humble publication, a compilation of previously blogged material, will hopefully be the first of some longer work available for purchase.

Before pitching the e-book, I thank you for reading this blog. These days, time and attention are expensive social resources. I appreciate your time. I appreciate your attention.

The publication of an e-book was a coffee-shop accomplishment over the summer. A little backstory. Two years ago I blogged about my Achilles tendon, which had snapped during a basketball game. I wasn’t writing much at the time, so the injury kickstarted the habit — figured since I would be laid up with nothing to do, might as well reflect on recovering from what’s considered among the worst of sports injuries.

Not many people read the entirety of those Achilles posts, because I didn’t put them all on social media or anything. The blog is still online, but posts are listed chronologically starting with the most recent. So for someone reading the blog for the first time, they would have to read it backwards, or go through the annoyance of clicking from the archives.

Hence, the idea to edit and compile the blogposts into a short e-book. Now available for purchase on Amazon for $1.99. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read on your internet browser, or download a free Kindle-reader app on your phone. After you read it, you can share it for free with someone else.

Here’s the link and the description I wrote up for Amazon:

heel fast

Heel Fast: A Journal of Recovery

One minute he’s playing basketball, the next minute he’s going to the emergency room with a torn Achilles tendon. Say goodbye to hiking, biking and basketball; say hello to surgery, crutches and a long road ahead. This is the story of a high school teacher’s eight month recovery from a debilitating sports injury. Told in a compilation of blog posts written during the recovery, this short read is full of memorable reflections on healing, community, and resilience.

Thanks again for staying tuned. Any feedback I receive on my writings, critical or complimentary, is extremely valuable to me, so always feel free to comment on a post or write me an email. If you do read the e-book, please consider writing a review on Amazon.

Next week we return to regularly scheduled programming, as I will post my second annual “Summer Reading List.”

Yours truly,